Grow Duo Smart Planter Says Eat Your Veggies or No Dessert

Just add water (and download an app)

October 5, 2017 9:00 am

When it comes to gardening, we have a saying in California: All you need is water and money.

We already have the sunlight, and water and time cost money.

But with the Grow Duo we’re going to knock it down to just a little money for water. This home gardening kit runs $200 and comes with the deep plastic planter, dirt and seeds.

The best part is that the system connects via Bluetooth Low Power to your smartphone, letting you control the water release and determine when plants are ripe for the picking. Up to 10 planters can be connected to a single waterline so you can frame your porch with it just like you would conventional planters.

grow (3 images)

These kits contain everything from herbs, lettuces on up to eggplant and fruits. The replacement seeds are double the cost of buying them at your hardware store, but you have the convenience of having one less errand — a time value of money savings for big city folks.

It’s at the pre-order stage now, shipping sometime in January, just in time to plant seeds.

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