Thinking Life Would Be Better If You Had a $17K Carbon Fiber iPhone?

You're in luck, friend

November 3, 2016 9:00 am

iPhones: We buy them, we use them, we drop them in the toilet, we buy new ones. 

It’s the circle of life, 2016 edition. 

But what if your phone were the perfect means (even more than it already is) for broadcasting wealth, privilege and a stupid amount of disposable income? 

Well you’re in luck. Because Geneva design firm Golden Dreams is here with a $17,000 carbon fiber iPhone

Where’s that money going?

Well, outside of “into the pockets of our marketing team for this ludicrous but at-least-in-2016 newsworthy idea,” it’s going into the housing, which is made of carbon fiber, a material you might know from your bike frame. It’s light, tough and exactly what you need to protect Candy Crush and those texts from that ex-girlfriend. 

Only 77 Carbon Concept iPhone will be produced, which is about 70 more than we’re betting will sell. 

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