A Portable Briefcase Smoker Means It’s Business Time

Thank you for smoking

July 12, 2017 9:00 am

You know how it goes: smoked meats are delicious. Smokers, however, are big, clunky and excessive. And even when you do find a portable smoker (say, like a Mini Egg), they’re still prohibitively expensive (say, like $399).

Two brothers are out to change that with the Ziv Mini Smoker, an ultra-portable smoker that folds into a briefcase. Weighing in at 14 pounds with a smoking surface of 12” by 10”, the Ziv Smoker is sturdy enough to satisfy anyone devoted to the art of smoked meats, while nimble enough to deliver that smokiness wherever there are hungry mouths and a heat source.

Needless to say, this guy is perfect for your next camping or fishing trip (freshly smoked catch of the day, anyone?). No doubt it’ll work well on a beach or at the park, too. And given the cook system is stored in a odor-free case, there’s no reason why the smoker shouldn’t live in the car of your trunk.


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