The World’s Greatest Beer Pub Crawl Requires a Helicopter

April 14, 2017 5:00 am
Johannes Simon/Getty Images)
(Johannes Simon/Getty Images)


Beer lovers rejoice: The craft beer market is on a meteoric rise. And travel company Pterodactyl Helicopters in Queensland, Australia, has made the revolution the centerpiece of a unique pub crawl.

According to Bloomberg, the company has created the world’s longest crawl, shuttling guests to a number of microbreweries and pubs, some 40 miles apart, while also showing them the sights along the way—and most importantly, acting as the designated driver (flyer?).

The pilot swoops low enough that patrons can local wildlife like kangaroos and wallabies, and does fly-bys of natural wonders like Tamborine Mountain.

Although the list of stops is always changing, due to the continual cropping up of microbreweries across the country, Bloomberg listed a few popular stops: the Dugandan Hotel (i.e. “The Dugie”), which has 13 types of beers on tap and 30 different wines; the Royal Hotel Harrisville, one of the oldest pubs in the region, per its website; and the Bearded Dragon, where you can get a pint and a croc/reptile show all in the same sitting. (Of course, if you’re more of a wine nut than a beer connoisseur, Pterodactyl allows guests to customize their crawls to their preferences.)

Below, watch an interview with the pub crawl’s pilot, Mike Jarvis.



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