This Cocktail Will Transport You to the Scottish Highlands, Literally

VR makes everything more fun, including drinking

April 24, 2017 9:00 am

If you’re tired of mixologists who keep looking to the past for inspiration, we have interesting news.

Virtual reality has come to whisky.

The luxury One Aldwych hotel bar in London (which also features a cocktail trolley for making Old Fashioneds right beside your table, so that’s cool and old-school) just debuted the “Origin,” a 12-year-old Dalmore single malt Scotch that comes with a side of virtual reality. An accompanying headset offers a two-minute VR tour of the Scottish fields where the water and grains originate. It ends with a bartender handing you a drink.

“When you take (the headset) off and the drink is actually right in front of you it gives people that sense of uniqueness, they feel unique,” bar manager Pedro Paulo told Reuters.

Which, for $23, they better. 


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