Review: Toma Is a Dead-Simple Solution for Elevating Your Bloody Marys

A reimagined take on the brunch classic, ideal for stuck-at-home weekends

October 30, 2020 6:28 am
Toma Bloody Mary cocktail mixer
Toma's Bloody Mary cocktail mixer is now available nationwide

What we’re drinking: Toma Bloody Mary mixers (Original and Horseradish)

Where it’s from: Toma is the passion project of New York resident Alejandro Javier Lopez, who crafted the recipe over a decade ago and brought Toma to the marketplace in 2017. In three years he’s expanded distribution of the mixer to four states (you might also see it at a William Sonoma store if you’re in New York); it’s also available everywhere via Amazon and Toma’s own website

Why we’re drinking this: Because, oddly, we’ve never loved Bloody Marys. But we have the feeling our fall/winter brunches — and we do love brunches — are going to be spent at home.

While Toma’s founder obviously loves Bloody Marys, he’s found most places lacking. “I’ve been frustrated with my experiences,” Lopez tells us. “It could be Mr and Mrs T mix you get on an airplane, or even in a restaurant, it’s always full of high sodium or high-fructose corn syrup.”

For his own brand, Lopez made some significant changes to the traditional mix. For one, he’s using a sriracha and chipotle tomatillo sauce as his base. As he notes: “That adds some tangy and lime notes; it balances out the cocktails while giving them a more robust flavor profile.” The mixes are also gluten-free, preservative-free and vegan (no anchovies in the Worchestershire).

It’s easy to use: Four parts mixer to 1 1/2 parts spirit. The mix should last about three weeks after opening in the fridge.

Toma Bloody Mary cocktail mixer

How it tastes: We tried the Original and the Horseradish variations (there’s also a Mild). As a baseline, we tested both first with vodka and moved on from there.

Interestingly, the original has some real spice thanks to the smokiness from the chipotle. If you’re more about creating a balanced, nuanced cocktail experience at your brunch, this is your new Saturday sipper. Pair it with tequila and a bit of lime juice (or do a bit more work and turn it into an Ave Maria).

The horseradish release, meanwhile, won’t blow you away with heat; it’s present but modest. It might be a bit more what you’re used to in a Bloody Mary, albeit one with a brighter and cleaner profile. Mixing with gin will add a nice floral note.

Conclusion? Use with vodka if you want an elevated take on what you already know. Use with tequila or gin if you want something that transcends brunch. 

Fun fact: Lopez suggests next steps for his young brand might include collaborations that lead to a canned Bloody Mary. If you want a Michelada, however, you can make one on your own: the brand suggests pairing it with Sixpoint Brewery’s Citrus Jammer.

Where to buy it: You can buy all three releases from Toma directly from their website; it’s $26 for a two-pack (32 oz each). And if you use this link, you’ll save 10%. Cheers.


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