Canned Wine Is a Good Thing. Canned Wine in the Mail Is Even Better.

Every month The Drop tells you, “Yes, we can.”

By The Editors
August 1, 2018 9:00 am

As someone who is constantly lugging around booze (for work purposes), I’d like to make a suggestion to everyone involved with spirits, wine and beer.

Embrace the can.

A few years back I switched almost exclusively from bottles to canned microbrews because canned beers travel better, are more environmentally friendly and they keep out all the light that a bottle lets in — so the beers never get skunked. (Shout out to Brooklyn’s canned beer bar Full Circle for starting me on that journey — and for getting me hooked on skeeball. Aim for the 40s, kids!)

And yes, it does help that more and more microbreweries are embracing cans.

Wine, however? While the industry’s done well getting people over the stigma of boxed wine, most vino labels stick to antiquated ideas of full-sized bottles and the unnecessary use of corks (seriously, be like Australia and embrace the screw cap) … which then necessitates having a corkscrew on hand, like you never do.

And don’t even get me started on my fear of “cork taint.”

So, cheers to The Drop, which offers something great and obvious: Wine you can drink anywhere with ease.

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They do it with cans. The brand sell reds, whites and roses, all from grapes grown in Lodi, CA, in four packs of 250ml cans for less than $4 each. And they sell ‘em direct-to-consumer (via their website), so you’re never scurrying around wine shops and supermarkets.

Best of all, they offer a buzzy take on Amazon’s Subscribe and Save — as part of their Monthly Can Club, you get six four-packs of your choice delivered to your door each month for $67.99 (free shipping, too). You can pause and cancel your subscription at any time.

Of course, it’s what’s in the can that matters. An impromptu taste test went swimmingly: No “aluminum” aftertaste and both my girlfriend (a wine snob with opinions) and myself (casual vino sipper, more of a spirits/beer guy) would gladly imbibe again. Even Wine Spectator recently blessed The Drop with pretty decent scores, calling out their California Red as “a zesty quaff.”

Another standout, albeit not part of their subscription model: The Drop’s Resealable Rosé, half-bottle sized cans that, yes, you can sip, reseal and put away for later.

I’m sure you have your reasons.


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