10 Texas Food and Drink Influencers Worth Following on Instagram

Get the scoop on your city’s best tacos, pizza and secret bars

May 12, 2023 7:14 am
Overhead view of an influencer taking a photo of their food. Today, we look at the 10 food and drink Instagram accounts in Texas worth following.
Below, our 10 favorite food and drink influencers in Texas.
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There’s no shame in asking for help. Especially when you need a last-minute dinner reservation or want to wow your out-of-town friends with life-changing barbecue. That’s where Instagram comes into play. Because while some “influencers” hog your feed with selfies, others provide helpful tips on how to spend your hard-earned time and money. This batch falls squarely into the latter category. 

Here are 10 of our favorite food and drink Instagrammers in Texas. Follow along for all the latest on new restaurant openings, generous happy hours and other pressing culinary intel.

A Taste of Koko (@atasteofkoko)


Jane Ko — aka Koko — is one of Austin’s OG food bloggers and has been covering the local food scene since 2010. She’s since written a book and was even featured on the Netflix series Somebody Feed Phil, but she’s still posting about new restaurants, bars, essential pizza joints, dumplings and other need-to-know intel around the city. 

Alex Reichek (@chekmarkeats)


This PR and marketing pro reps a handful of restaurants in Austin and is a go-to resource for openings and old-school spots alike. Messy burgers and massive cookies share space with fine-dining and sun-filled nature, and rather than litter your feed with constant updates, Alex’s posts provide info-packed looks at where to eat and what to order once there. 

The ATX Drinker (@theatxdrinker)


Austin’s bar scene offers something for everyone, and all those somethings are chronicled by the ATX Drinker. He swings through bars all over town, with video reports on new openings, cocktail menus, interiors and vibes — making sure you’ll have a successful night out.

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Food Bitch (@askfoodbitch)


Food Bitch will tell you what to eat, and you will like it. That’s the promise given by one of Dallas’s most prominent influencers, who scopes out new openings, tries all the most interesting dishes and offers hot takes on the local food scene. She’s in the know and always entertaining.

Daniel Walker (@daniel_eating_dallas)


Daniel Walker is a dermatologist by trade, but you wouldn’t know it from following him on Instagram. His appetite and photography skills are on full display as he chronicles meals around town, with a healthy dose of burgers, pizza and other comforting favorites.

Mai Pham (@femme_foodie)


Houston journalist Mai Pham covers food and travel for several local publications, but she also shares where she’s eating around the city, with regular posts on new restaurants and old favorites. The account is a welcome mix of cuisines and styles, featuring everything from seafood and speakeasies to soup dumplings.

Fooodeelicious (@fooodeelicious)


Houston is massive, so it’s helpful to have a knowledgeable friend point you in the right direction for good eats. That’s what you’ll find in Duc, who scours the city for noodles, dim sum, barbecue, baked goods and other important culinary essentials.

Fort Worth Love List (@fortworthlovelist)

Fort Worth

These prolific posters began with a Dallas account and have since expanded into Fort Worth, where they highlight bars and restaurants and provide helpful takeaways. Best margaritas? Check. Date-night dinner ideas? Yup. Where to go for birria tacos? You know it.

S.A. Foodie (@s.a.foodie)

San Antonio

If you’re in San Antonio and don’t know where to go, you soon will. Because S.A. Foodie covers all the new hotspots, plus tried-and-true favorites in and around the city. We’re talking burgers, diners and juice joints, with a dash of intriguing recommendations like boozy liquid nitrogen ice cream.

SATX Rated (@satxrated)

San Antonio

SATX Rated is like San Antonio’s unofficial ambassador, providing a fun look at the city through a lens of food, drinks and local culture. One of the account’s draws is the collection of guides, which covers the best-of-the-best across a range of categories, from craft beer and brunch to dog-friendly patios and street art. 


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