We Tested Goldbelly TV’s Direct-to-Door DIY Kits

And we are basically professional chefs now

March 14, 2022 12:05 pm
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Imagine a world a where you could watch your favorite chef prepare world-class meals right in front of you, and then moments later consume said world-class meal for yourself. That’s more reality now (albeit with a little more elbow grease required) thanks to Goldbelly TV.

The tech-start up turned million-dollar proxy service has been delivering America’s finest regional specialties to doors all over the country since their 2013 inception in San Francisco. With their newest endeavor, they’re using YouTube to add to the experience.

The concept is simple. You order you food via Goldbelly, received it ASAP, watch the companion video, then you make the damn thing. Goldbelly TV features many of the country’s most iconic chefs and eateries, from hometown hits like Philly’s own Pat King of Steaks to celebrity-run spots by the likes of Ina Garten, succinctly and skillfully taking you through the ins and outs of preparing whatever world-famous dishes you choose.

InsideHook tested six different deliveries from Goldbelly TV to see if service lives up to it auric mantle.

Daily Provisions Bacon, Egg and Cheese Kit

Somehow, in my 26+ years in New York and my insistence that the BEC is the greatest handheld meal ever created, I’ve never tried the breakfast staple from this Danny Meyer joint (which, admittedly, only opened in 2017). Cooking it at home was incredibly easy — the GBTV how-to was better at giving context to the sandwich and the restaurant than providing help in its preparation, which you won’t need. Best home BEC ever, btw, and it turns out it’s the poppy seed Portuguese roll that’s the key here; use them immediately and realize that if you don’t you’ll need to freeze ’em, or you’ll end up with the disappointment of throwing out three rolls that definitely expired before the bacon or cheese (also, you’ll need to bring your own eggs, and frying is the messiest/best way to prep). All that said, the included “Wake-Up Sauce” seems like it’ll last a lifetime. Final tips: When melting the cheese on the roll under your oven’s broiler, check it frequently and take out once you see it get a little browned. And that bacon cooks up really quickly, too, so keep your frying pan temp modest. — Kirk Miller, Managing Editor

Blue Ribbon Sushi DIY Kit for 2

I’m a frequent guest at Blue Ribbon Sushi, one of New York City’s most iconic and top-rated sushi restaurants since its debut in 1994. High-quality fish is flown in daily, and it pairs flawlesslwith the restaurant’s soy sauce (which is matured for 24 years in oak casks) wasabi (sourced from real fresh-grated wasabi root) and ginger (pickled in-house). You’ll receive all of this in your Blue Ribbon Sushi DIY Kit from Goldbelly. Emphasis on the DIY here. This kit requires assembly and is best suited for those who don’t mind putting in a bit of elbow grease for an at-home meal (but it’s worth it, promise.)

I’ve never made sushi in my life, but with this kit and an extremely helpful video tutorial from Goldbelly TV, I’m basically a seasoned sushi chef now. My kit included everything I needed to make 4-5 rolls (a two-person serving but Goldbelly offers packages that can feed up to 10.) On top of the fixings above, plus an avocado, scallions and a very delicious jar of spicy mayo, I received a bamboo sushi mat, 10 sheets of dried seaweed and, of course, the freshest fish imaginable: Grade “A” Tuna, Norwegian Salmon, Japanese Hamachi and Ebi Shrimp. My partner and I then proceeded to construct and devour as many Sakana rolls as our bodies could handle. BTW a DIY sushi kit? Perfect date night activity. — Logan Mahan, Assistant Editor

Blue Ribbon “The Coop” Complete Fried Chicken Dinner for Four

Along with a quart apiece of heat-and-serve mashed potatoes and collard greens, this deep-fried kit includes an entire eight-piece chicken with four pairs of breasts, thighs, drumsticks and wings. In addition to the quality of the fried chicken, which ranks as a four-star general compared to what The Colonel is dishing out, what Blue Ribbon really nails with his package is the inclusion chicken gravy, wildflower honey and tingle-your-tongue habanero hot sauce. The same seasoning Blue Ribbon uses to make its chicken in-house also heads to your home here, which only adds to the experience. Although all the items can be prepared on the stovetop, having a microwave for the potatoes and collards will make your life easier and owning an air fryer to use on the chicken will make your existence substantially more crispy and crunchy. — Evan Bleier, Senior Editor

Gramercy Tavern Mushroom Lasagna

All I’ve ever wanted is to be able to taste the food I’ve seen in cooking shows without having to rely on my own culinary prowess or travel to a distant location. Enter Goldbelly TV, the closest thing to taste-o-vision I’ve experienced. You can peruse the videos, learning about popular dishes from celebrity chefs and famous restaurants and then EAT THE FOOD YOURSELF. I tried the famous mushroom lasagna from Gramercy Tavern and I was not disappointed. While I had the lasagna baking in the oven I rewatched the Goldbelly TV video to get pumped. I’ve never enjoyed this kind of screen-to-table experience and it’s definitely a special way to eat. — Elisabeth Chambry, Director of Commerce

Mimi Cheng’s Dumplings

When I finally recovered from the realization that Mimi Cheng’s is located less than a block from my Manhattan apartment, I set to work creating the restaurant’s signature chicken and zucchini dumplings. The task admittedly felt a little daunting when a box of raw materials arrived in the mail, but after a few failed attempts that served as learning opportunities, both my partner and I found ourselves folding and frying dumplings with ease. The ingredients were undeniably fresh, and quite a few of them were sourced from markets right here in the city, but I really appreciated that major ingredients like the filling were pre-made, which cut down on prep time. I’m still using the included bottle of secret sauce and dreading the day when it runs out, but I’ll use its impending absence as an excuse to drop by the real location for a second helping when it finally runs dry. Oh, and the scallion pancakes that also shipped with the order were some of the best I’ve ever had. — Cam Vigliotta, Gear Editor

Taïm Falafel Kit For 6

As a recent Los Angeles transplant, I’ve been desperately seeking a Mediterranean fix to fill the hole in my heart left by my local falafel haunt, so when I was offered the chance to give Taïm a spin — and take a crack at some chickpea deep frying — I jumped at the opportunity. My Kit, delivered promptly to the front door, was stuffed to the brim with all the essentials: humus, pita, humus falafel mix, humus, pickled veggies… did I mention humus? Assembly (as is the case with pita-sandwiched concoctions) was quick and easy, and with specific, easy-to-follow instructions even I would be unable to mess up, everything came together smoothly. The only con? The Falafel Kit claims to feed 6, but me and my girlfriend were able to eat the whole thing in one sitting. One… nine-hour, movie marathon sitting. Maybe it does feed six, after all. — Paolo Sandoval, Assistant Editor


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