Staff Picks: All the Stuff Our Editors Fell in Love With This Week

Including '90s-inspired shells, suede duffels and smart mugs

By The Editors
August 24, 2018 9:00 am

Welcome to InsideHook’s Staff Picks, a compendium of all the stuff our editors have been digging on recently.

The Matchpoint Candle by Otherland
Tennis — like most one-on-one competitions — is a sport of extreme highs and lows. And one high that you can always count on is the satisfying pop of a new can of balls, and the rubbery, intoxicating scent that comes with it. Direct-to-consumer company Otherland is now selling that scent in candle form to celebrate the US Open, with some hints of cucumber and fresh-cut grass to round out the palette. –Walker Loetscher, Editor in Chief

Etymotic Research ER4SR Studio Reference In-Ear Monitors
Headphones from a hearing-health equipment producer? Yes, please. Thirty years of innovation has certainly paid off for these folks. The deep insertion might be a turn-off for some, but having just gotten off an eight-hour plane ride, I can confirm that my ears didn’t ache — like they usually do with cans or other inserts — after drinking three glasses of wine and knocking out midway through Blade Runner. Plus, that insertion design means noise-repelling the screaming baby two rows back. So you get the highest noise isolation possible, superior sound and killer comfort. Triple win.  –Shari Gab, New York Editor

Asos Sleeve-Panels Tee
I will almost certainly stain this tee before Thanksgiving. I know what I am. But at $16 a pop, those timeless sleeve accents are too hard to resist. Tanner Garrity, Associate Editor

Greats Royale Triple Black
Let me tell you a little something about wearing all-black leather sneakers: it’s a dangerous game. You run the risk of looking like an old geezer in your orthopedic shoes. But these, my friend, will have you looking young and svelte, as if a future of tennis ball-capped aluminum walkers and a recommended daily Metamucil intake are nowhere to be seen. They’re cut in a versatile low-top silhouette that pairs nicely with a wide range of outfits and are minimally branded for a subtle elegance. — Eli London, Director of Partnerships and User Acquisition

Michael Kors Henry Suede Duffel
It’s one thing to be the guy striding confidently through the airport with a nice leather duffel over his shoulder. Another to be that same guy, but with a duffel made of luxurious suede. But for that suede to be the sort of rich oxblood hue scarcely seen outside of throne rooms and opium dens? You, sir, will be Lord of the Concourse. — Danny Agnew, Creative Director

Le Labo Santal 33 Shower Gel
A sweet, woody unisex flavor that is super popular in its perfume form, you’ll smell it in shops around SoHo and Williamsburg, and on passengers of all Brooklyn-bound trains. I’ve backed off a little from the sprays in favor of the subtler shower gel, which wont precede you when you enter a space. The shampoo is nice too. — Athena Wisotsky, Deputy Editor

Nike Re-Issue Color-Block Shell Jacket
My dad’s color-block jackets from the ’80s and ’90s take up a huge swath of my personal closet of seminal sartorial moments. There’s the red, blue and green ski jacket with the zip-out fleece. The teal and purple geometric windbreaker. Problem is, those were worn into the ground years ago. Thankfully, Nike takes the time to re-issue popular styles from their archives, and this layer-able shell from ’89 is just what I’ve been waiting for. — Alex Lauer, Senior Editor

Ember Ceramic Mug
Throwing out grown-old coffee has become a part of my morning routine. I take two sips, set it down to shower, dress, whatever and come back to lukewarm joe. No more. Ember lets you adjust your drink to the ideal temperature through your smartphone or watch, making sure your coffee (and tea) is hot till the last drop. And I love the sleek, no-fuss design and matching charging coaster. — Ryan Thaxton, Editorial Intern

Rush Hoodie 2.0
Fourlaps is about elevated workout gear, but this soft French Terry hoodie — dig that red, white and blue detailing — was built for lazy days. Is it fall yet? — Kirk Miller, Nation Editor/Managing Editor


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I love Old Fashioneds. But this was an interesting way to add a little kick to my favorite cocktail: here, they replaced the bourbon with an aged tequila (in this case, Milagro Añejo), then added some spice courtesy of Ancho Reyes (an excellent liqueur crafted from ancho and poblano chilies that pretty much improves any drink), some smoky, rum-like notes from piloncillo simple syrup (basically, a Mexican raw sugar) and a sweet/spicy dash of chocolate bitters.

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