Beat the Spread

By The Editors
May 28, 2014 9:00 am

Before you continue grilling this summer, remember one thing:

Condiments are a lie.

They sweeten. They dilute. They mask the beef’s true flavor.

Except for one: Sir Kensington’s Dijon and Spicy Brown mustards, available for your burger pleasure immediately.

Personally, your correspondent is already a big fan of Monseigneur K.

Over the last three years, our mustachioed friend has reinvented both ketchup and mayo. Better slathers you won’t find.

RecipeAnd now, the yellow stuff.

Their Dijon varietal is rich and potent, with a pleasing heat (credit a splash of Chablis for mellowing it out) and a creamy texture. Spreads and dips easily. A balanced attack.

Their Spicy Brown, meanwhile, is a European-style deli spread combining mustard seeds with a smidge of Vermont maple syrup. It’s tangy but still packs a bite. Your pretzel wants one.

As does your burger.

To help you with that, we commissioned a burger recipe that uses SK’s new Dijon, courtesy of Chef Josh Capon of NYC’s Burger & Barrel (while you’re there, check out the rest of our Summer Grilling Guide).

Spread the mustard on the meat before it’s brought up to temp. That way, says Sir K’s co-founder Scott “Magnum ‘Stache” Norton, the mustard actually deepens the flavor. 

And that ain’t no lie.

Nota bene: Use the code “hookedonmustard” (sans quotes) to get 15% off your next Sir Kensington’s order.


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