Who Needs Bitcoin When There’s an Investment Fund for Whisky?

The Single Malt fund is worth its weight in (liquid) gold

January 24, 2018 9:00 am

“I’m not drinking too much Scotch — I’m just investing in my future.”

That’s the excuse you can use when you throw your life savings into the Single Malt Fund, the world’s first publicly traded whisky investment fund. Started in Sweden, the fund centers around an index of rare and limited whiskies.

“It’s essentially a commodity fund, but instead of gold we buy liquid gold,” says Christian Svantesson, the fund’s CEO/co-founder.

Liquid gold, indeed: according to the RW Apex 1000 (an index of valuable single malts), rare whisky has seen returns of 28% in the last year and 370% since 2010. Those are cryptocurrency numbers … minus the bubble.

The SMF begin listing March 12th on the Nordic Growth Market stock exchange. Minimum investments start at €1,000 — unfortunately, you’ll have to be a Swedish investor to participate.

(H/t D’Marge)


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