Deal: Do Yourself a Favor and Pick Up These On-Sale Ceramic Nonstick Pans

Food52 took GreenPan’s effortless skillets and made them even better

Three ceramic nonstick pans from Food52 and GreenPan. The pans are currently on sale for 24% off.
Grab this three-piece set from Food52 and GreenPan while it's on sale.

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Nonstick can be a bit of a dirty word around here. Yes, they can be cheap, light, and easy to use and clean, but they can also lose their slick coating fast, easily be treated as disposable and in some cases start flaking off into your food. No one wants their meal seasoned with nonstick flakes.

That’s why you should upgrade to the Thermolon ceramic nonstick skillets from GreenPan, especially as a collaboration between the cookware brand and Food52 is currently on sale. Right now, you can pick up three of these next-level pans — an 8-inch in burgundy, 10-inch in sesame and 11-inch in navy — for 24% off.

For its part, Food52 took GreenPan’s classic cookware tech and made it a little easier on the eyes, with the handsome new colors and brash-finished stainless steel handles. But the cooking tech underneath that makeover is undeniable. While you have to tread lightly around other nonstick pans, we’ve found these retain their slippery surface longer and are much more durable. As Food52 notes, you can use metal utensils with these pans, and they’re safe to go in the oven and dishwasher. 

Go ahead, try them out for yourself while this deal is still available. Perfect eggs, coming right up.


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