Keep Quito

By The Editors
February 20, 2013 9:00 am

No man wants a cookie-cutter life.

That should include, appropriately enough, your kitchen.

But to stay unique, you’ve got to move quickly — and since the pop-up shop Quitokeeto just reopened for a limited time, you should go now.

Started by a best-selling cookbook author, Quitokeeto — named for a winding and verdant Northern California road — stocks “a mix of new, found and collaborative” kitchen wares.

Meaning: curated from mom-and-pop producers for aesthetic appeal, historical value and superior functionality.

Some recent finds:

A hand-crafted, carbon steel Pallares Solsona Kitchen Knife

A delicious lemon and bay laurel marmalade

A sturdy, utilitarian “10-in-1” wrapping cloth

The ‘keeto folk only stock about a dozen items at a time, divided into very, very specific themes — e.g., their first collection, inspired by “the simple shapes and soft range of blues in [a] small, Scandinavian oil painting.”

And when they’re gone, they’re gone … and the store temporarily shuts down. So buy now, because the next round won’t be available until late April, “after some travels.”

Bon voyage.


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