People Are Doing Gross Things to Conveyor Belt Sushi in Japan

A wave of folks meddling with dishes is being labeled “sushi terrorism”

February 3, 2023 12:16 pm
conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Tokyo, Japan
You might want to think twice before dining in one of these restaurants for awhile.
Getty Images

In another case of “COVID has taught us nothing,” people are doing nasty things in Japan’s conveyor belt sushi restaurants. These acts of “sushi terrorism” have come to light on social media this week, but according to The Guardian, some of the offenses date back weeks and years. Things are so bad that it’s sparked a police investigation.

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So what exactly is this “sushi terrorism”? One of the most viewed videos on Twitter shows a teenager licking the top of a communal soy sauce bottle, licking the rim of a teacup and placing it back in the stack, and sucking his finger before touching some of the food that’s coming down the conveyor belt. The video was filmed at Sushiro in Gifu, which caused the parent company’s stock to drop 5% this week. The teen and his parents apologized, but that didn’t stop Sushiro from filing both criminal and civil cases, which is totally warranted IMO.

In addition to this clip, other videos show similar scenarios of customers putting wasabi on pieces of sushi that are drifting by or licking the spoon from a communal container of green tea powder. I’m always in awe of how clean and polite Japan is when I visit, but I guess this goes to show that every country has their own trash people.


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