There’s Now a Beer Designed Specifically for Drinking in the Shower

And here we've been doing it with literally any beer on earth

December 30, 2016 9:00 am

The shower beer is an old and sacred pagan ritual that combines two of the world’s great relaxants: bathing in warm water and beer.

It is not a ritual in need of renovation, but that’s what it’s gotten in the form of Swedish brewery Pangpang’s newest product: Shower Beer.

Made in collaboration with creative agency Skansk — which should alert you right off the bat that the intentions of this project may be more promotional than gastronomic — the sweet pale ale is currently in its second batch of production after the first “sold out instantly at the release party.”

So what makes Shower Beer a shower beer? Two things, apparently: First, the beer comes in 6-oz. bottles, so you can down it in a hurry before it gets warm/you unnecessarily waste a bunch of water; and second, it’s got a healthy 10% ABV, so it’ll still deliver a nice buzz despite the volume deficiency.

It is not, however, served in a can, which seems an oversight. Glass bottles, slippery surfaces and bare feet are a recipe for disaster.

It’s also not whatever happens to be in the fridge at the moment — which has always been your correspondent’s favorite shower beer.

Spontaneity is the mother of a solid pregame.


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