From Original to Scorchin’ to Wavy — 22 Pringles Flavors, Ranked

Hint: Original did not take home the top spot

September 12, 2022 6:18 am
Cans of Pringles wheat-based stackable snack chips.
Originally released in 1967, Pringles are still snackable and stackable.
Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty

Since he was introduced in 1967 as the mustachioed mascot of tubular treats that are neither corn nor potato chips, Julius Pringles has changed his hairstyle, eyebrows and ‘stache multiple times despite possibly never having a body.

The alterations to Julius, who in recent years has taken up rocking a bow tie that has to be tied by others given his lack of arms, hands or fingers, pale in comparison to the changes that Pringles themselves have undergone when it comes to flavor. Originally developed by Procter & Gamble in 1967 and marketed as “Pringle’s Newfangled Potato Chips,” the wheat-based stackable crisps brand was sold to Kellogg’s in 2012 and now boasts more than 30 flavors, not including limited-edition collaborations or varieties that are sold outside of the United States.

While we couldn’t get our hands on every can (the supply chain struggle is real), 10 InsideHook staffers were able to get our mitts on more than 20 Pringles varieties to test out and rank from bottom to top on a scale of 1-5 as well as offer some thoughts along the way. In honor of 55 years of Julius onto the Pringles rankings and musings (worst to best)…

A bunch of cans of Pringles of different flavors on a desk in an office.
Pringles in the office are a colorful bunch.

22. Wavy Chipotle Ranch

High: 0.5   Low: 0    Average: 1.8     Total: 18

“It tastes like the wood your dad kept behind the garage.”

“Smoky, but not appealing.”

“All smoke, no ranch.”

21. Hot Ones XXX Minican

High: 4.5   Low: 0    Average: 2.0     Total: 20

“Very hot. Can’t taste.”

“That was a bad idea.”

“That one did me dirty.”

20. Scorchin’ Cheddar Cheese

High: 3    Low: 1    Average: 2.2     Total: 22

“Not scorching me.”

“A little stronger than regular Cheddar.”

“No heat at all.”

19. Wavy Jalapeno

High: 3.5    Low:  1   Average: 2.25     Total: 22.5

“Way too salty. Tastes like celery.”

“Good, but not very spicy.”

“Not much spice, but decent flavor.”

18. Sour Cream and Onion

High: 4   Low: 1   Average: 2.3     Total: 23

“They must have changed how much dust they put on.”

“Shocking how little flavor there is.”

“Where’s the flavor?”

17. Original

High:  3.5  Low: 2    Average: 2.5      Total: 25

“Liked better as a kid.”

“No dust, but that helps salt come through.”

“A classic.”

16. BBQ

High: 3    Low: 1.5    Average: 2.5     Total: 25

“Not enough dust.”

“I want more BBQ flavor.”

“Not impressed.”

15. Scorchin’ BBQ

High:  3  Low: 2    Average: 2.6     Total: 26

“Not enough flavor.”

“Not really hot, but better BBQ flavor than regular BBQ.”

“Nice spice.”

14. Wavy Sweet and Spicy BBQ

High: 3   Low: 2    Average: 2.65      Total: 26.5

“Too mild.”

“Flavor was there, but the chip was bland.”

“Not much of either sweet or spicy.”

13. Cheddar Cheese

High: 4   Low: 1   Average: 2.8    Total: 28


“Pretty, pretty, pretty good.”


12. Scorchin’ Wavy Loaded Nachos

High:  5  Low: 1    Average: 3.05     Total: 30.5

“A lot going on.”

“Cheesier than the rest.”

“Delivered as advertised.”

11. Wavy Classic

High: 3.5   Low:  2   Average: 3.05   Total: 30.5

“It’s nice to come home again.”

“Good texture, but still boring.”

“Ok. Better than Original. More salt.”

10. Cheddar and Sour Cream

High: 4   Low:  1   Average: 3.1   Total: 31

“A little more balanced than regular cheddar, but not strong.”

“Where is the sour cream?”

“Good balance.”

9. Dill Pickle

High: 5   Low: 1    Average: 3.3     Total: 33

“Very true to the pickle taste.”

“Nice dill and sour flavor.”

“Tastes like the pickles at McDonald’s.”

8. Hot Ones Rojos 

High: 4.5    Low:  1   Average: 3.4     Total: 34

“Nice taste. Lasting hotness.”

“Quick, someone give me an Original chip.”

“I like the heat, but I can’t eat more than one.”

7. Pizza

High: 5    Low: 0.5    Average: 3.5     Total: 35

“Tastes like oregano.”

“If you like artificial pizza, this is your Pringle.”

“Good dust ratio.”

6. Ranch

High: 5   Low: 2   Average: 3.55      Total: 35.5

“Really good flavor for ranch. Usually bland.”

“Strong but doesn’t last.”

“Tastes like ranch.”

5. Salt and Vinegar

High: 4.5   Low:  3    Average: 3.6     Total: 36

“You could argue it’s all vinegar and no salt.”

“The vinegar kick doesn’t last.”

“There she is. Perfect.”

4. Hot Ones Classic Hot Sauce 

High: 5   Low: 2.5    Average:  3.75    Total: 37.5

“Was good, but almost chicken-ish.”

“Good heat. Good flavor. Nice lingering heat.”

“Fucked me up.”

3. Honey Mustard

High: 5   Low: 2.5    Average: 3.95     Total: 39.5

“A dessert chip.”

“It’s sweet, but maybe not enough.”

“Very nice. Surprisingly good.”

2. Hot Ones Los Calientes

High: 5   Low: 2    Average: 4.0     Total: 40

“It smells like fresh jalapenos.”

“Nice heat.”

“Wow, this one is good.”

1. Scorchin’ Chili and Lime

High: 5   Low: 4    Average: 4.45     Total: 44.5


“Nice lime flavor, but too hot.”

“Good flavor. Good heat. Still balanced.”


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