You’ll Never Drink Beer the Same Way Again

The NitroBrew: A beer and cocktail game-changer

By The Editors
July 24, 2015 9:00 am

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NitroBrew, a new bartop device that exponentially ups the complexity and flavor of all your beers and cocktails, now available for home use.

Backstory: yours truly has been obsessed with “nitro” beers recently. Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro. Southern Tier 2X. Atwater Vanilla Java Porter.1

Basically, the nitro process replaces some of the CO2 in a carbonated drink with nitrogen. The result is a more complex, creamier and smoother beverage. Think more malty, less hoppy, regardless of the makeup of whatever brew you’ve got in hand.

It’s a staple at superlative craft bars around the country.

And now, it’s homeward bound.

The home ‘Brew is a charging station, kettle and air compressor (no separate tank needed). It infuses your beer with nitrogen, which leaves your stout/porter/pilsners all the more delicious while retaining a tight, creamy head.

And it takes about 90 seconds.

You can also use it in iced coffee. And cocktails.

Or both, as we discovered after visiting mixologist Jacob “The Bearded Alchemist” Tschetter at Manhattan’s finest craft beer bar, The Jeffrey.

We returned with three NitroBrew recipes for you, including a chicory-whiskey-cold-brew-maple-syrup concoction dubbed the “Old Irish Blackballer.”

We suggest trying ‘em out ASAP.

1 I use Untappd, a solid app for tracking beer consumption.

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