Nice Rack

By The Editors
March 6, 2013 9:00 am

Among life’s finer pleasures — children who love you, a doting wife, NFL Sunday Ticket — steak holds a prominent, tasty place.

But where to get the perfect cut? Humanely raised? Organically fed?

Feast your chompers on Belcampo Meat Co., now accepting orders online.

A storied restaurant/butchery just outside of San Francisco, Belcampo’s known for running their own 10,000 acre farm upstate, where the animals are grass-fed and free to roam the vast wetlands and fields.

Or, as the Grey Lady once put it, where the “skittish quail are left alone until, obviously, they aren’t.”

In return for these efforts, you get some seriously delicious meats: slabs of buttery bacon sourced from rare-breed Ossabaw pigs. Rich duck confit. Thick-cut rib-eyes. A steak grind for burgers and chilies. All complete with recipes and grilling tips.

And coming in May: “The Best Rack,” a 28-lb., carefully curated mix of Wagyu beef, which Belcampo will store for up to a year and then ship overnight according to your needs.

That’s the real Sunday ticket.


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