Bare Grills

By The Editors
March 24, 2014 9:00 am

Pack light. Bring fire.

Timeless advice. Reaching back to caveman time.

Heeding that advice: the Mon Oncle, a BBQ grill in a briefcase, available now.

A product of the Spanish design group RS Barcelona, the Mon Oncle is as much art as it is ‘cue.

In transport, it resembles a stylish vintage suitcase (leather strap included) in grey, green or sky blue. Weighs 25 pounds.

But open it up: it’s now an eye-popping portable tabletop barbecue.

Mon Oncle

The stainless steel package features just six parts (lid, grill, charcoal tray, ash drawer, frame, hanger). Ridiculously easy to assemble. Even easier to dismantle and clean.

The air holes provide natural heat regulation. And the studio suggests using coconut shell ecological charcoal with the Mon Oncle (“no flame, retains heat and generates very little smoke”).

Overall, it’s perfect for an apartment terrace. Or the beach. For an impromptu picnic.

However you bring the fire.


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