Open Mouth. Insert Steak.

In which you get steaks delivered to your door.

By The Editors
October 21, 2014 9:00 am

Ah, the steakhouse!

That glorious abode of blood-red banquettes, hacksaw-sized knives and artery-clogging excess. 

But sometimes, you just want a great filet mignon minus all the androcentric pageantry, amiright fellas?

Sending you the best part of the steakhouse — the steak — Master Purveyors, online now.

Started in 1957, this New York-based family of “meat connoisseurs” has been a longtime supplier of the wet- and dry-aged prime USDA Angus beef for the likes of Peter Luger’s, Keen’s and Wolfgang’s. You know, the perennial “best U.S. steakhouses.”

And now, they’re offering the same meats to you.

Master Purveyors

Rib cuts, filet mignon, boneless strip steaks — each cut on MP’s new site comes with an aging history, a thorough product description, preferred cooking method and even tasting notes (“light and buttery with a tender chew”).

Need help? The site offers vid-based cooking lessons and recipes.

MP also delivers a bounty of other worthy meats, like prime dry-aged short rib blend burgers, American French-cut rib lamb chops and veal loin porterhouse chops.

All sent in protective coolers via next day FedEx.

Because you don’t have an excess of patience.  


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