Masonic Tradition

By The Editors
February 19, 2013 9:00 am

Apparently, there’s some lingering bad blood between the North and South. 

Over cocktail shakers, no less.

In the North, the Boston Shaker has long held behind-the-bar sway.

But from the South, a new cocktail mixer is rebelling against that saucy hegemony: tilt your head back for the Mason Shaker cocktail mixer, available now.

Inspired by vintage kitchenware and “an uncanny ability to fashion impromptu drinking tools at a moment’s notice,” the four-piece Mason is a thing of industrial beauty, featuring a molded glass Ball jar — so you can see the drink you’re about to drink.

And it comes complete with a stainless steel strainer and cap, plus volumic units in metric and U.S./imperial on the side.

Once ordered, the Mason shakers arrive within a few days, packaged nicely in plate-pressed kraft boxes and nested in hay with a hanging tag.

In a cross-border twist, the Mason Shaker’s designed by two Southern gents — but they’ve since relocated to Brooklyn.

Because if there’s one thing that brings us all together, it’s being prejudiced against teetotalers.


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