This Sick Mag-Lev Tumbler Will Lift Your Spirits

We'll take ours up, with a twist

July 22, 2016 9:00 am

No, you’re not hallucinating. You haven’t had too much to drink. Or you probably have. But that’s not why you’re seeing things.

The glass. Is. Floating.

It’s called Levitating CUP, because of course it is.

Using electromagnetic suspension, this glass hovers midair. Like Marty McFly without the voice cracks and Oedipus stuff.

Unlike McFly’s hoverboard, this glass isn’t going anywhere. A system called quantum locking lets you you pour into the floating vessel without concern for the slightest tip. The tumbler may take a little twirl, but the only thing shaking will be your guest’s understanding of the universe.

Introduced earlier this year as a limited edition item from the folks at Oakbottle, Levitating CUP has now taken to Kickstarter to commence full-scale production.

This means instead of buying one impressive cup holder for your end table, you can construct a bar with several electromagnetic bases hidden beneath the surface. Then simply slide shots magically down the countertop, and think of something wizardy to say.  


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