Cookware So Nice You’ll Never Order Out Again

September 22, 2017 9:00 am

Eating is almost always an enjoyable experience.

Cooking, though? Debatable.

But this’ll set you out on the right path: Made In, an all-new, all-American line of stainless steel kitchenware that looks great, cooks perfectly and may help you actually enjoy your time over the stove.

All for about half the price of what you’d expect to pay.

Using the now familiar direct-to-consumer, no-middleman-markup model (Warby Parker, Everlane et al.), Made In delivers a line of great-looking frying pans, saucepans and stockpots at near-wholesale prices.

Made In (6 images)

“All of my cookware was inherited from my parents, and was more rust than shine,” explains CEO/co-founder Chip Malt. “I went online to research replacements and couldn’t find anything but cheap stuff on Amazon … or insanely overpriced stuff on Williams-Sonoma. I come from an e-commerce background, and Jake [Kalick, now Made In’s president] comes from a family history of almost 100 years in the kitchen space, so I immediately called him.”

Among Made In’s advantages: cookware with a five-ply metal composition (five layers of stainless and aluminum), which combines the durability of stainless steel with the heat conductivity properties of aluminum. And since all the piece sport long handles, the heat will dissipate, leaving your food warm but your mitts safe exposure.

The whole collection is also stackable (read: perfect for small kitchens) and the non-stick surfaces of the pots are also dishwasher- and oven-safe and induction compatible.

While prices are pretty good to start (their morning go-to 10” non-stick frying pan is $79), you can actually get discounts by creating your own cookware bundles.

Coming up in Made In’s near future: more videos and home-cooking tutorials on their blog, a set of kitchen knives and a concept for a universal lid (“It would fit across all of our pots and pans, so you would only have to store one lid” says Malt).

Oh, and the best thing the founders have made in their own dishes?

“Seared scallops,” says Kalick. “We’re Boston based, so we have access to great shellfish. When a cold scallop hits a fry pan, you don’t want the pan temperature to cool down … otherwise, in the time it takes to bring the pan heat back up, the texture of the scallop gets more rubbery. With the heat retention qualities of our pan, the heat transfer doesn’t become an issue and you get crisper sears.”

So, that’s one weekend meal you’ve got down.


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