The World’s First Michelin Star Drive-Thru Just Opened

Do you want crispy potatoes in onion ashes with that?

January 30, 2017 9:00 am

For the second time in as many years, the U.K. has reinvented the drive-thru restaurant.

The first was Wales’s first-to-market walk-thru McDonald’s. The second involved a Michelin Star chef.

To show select customers how good taking a trip to the country in a luxe SUV could be, Land Rover enlisted chef Simon Rogan to create the world’s first luxury drive-through in East Sussex.

The pop-up station — which was paired with a temporary dining area up the road — allowed customers to select a three-course meal (Start, Middle and End) centered on either Land (meat), Sea (fish) or Earth (vegetarian), all served in a box resembling a very adult Happy Meal.

Land Rover Drive-through (6 images)

Although the drive-through was intended to be a one-off event, Rogan said he could “definitely see more dining experiences like this popping up all over the country … a twist on the norm.”

If Rogan brings one here, we’ll bring the Rover. 


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