NY’s Pastrami King Is Going Global, Y’all

Katz's Deli now ships — worldwide.

May 12, 2017 9:00 am

Katz’s: It’s the Lower East Side deli that makes pastrami so good it sent Meg Ryan into sexual ecstasies 30 years ago, when sandwiches had such power. Now? Now — or at least soon — they’ll deliver those sandwiches worldwide. 

Katz’s has long delivered nationwide — as pointed out by The A.V. Club, “Its circa-World War II slogan implored customers to ‘send a salami to your boy in the Army.’” Now, though, Katz’s is thinking bigger and broader. First up: delivery to Mexico and Canada, sometime in 2017. 2018? You can a bunch more countries to the list. The $100 delivery fee is, if anything, a little too low in our opinion: How much can you charge for delivering heaven? 

Of equal news in this latest report — at least to deli-lovers in the Northeast Corridor — is word that Katz’s may soon bring little baby Katz’s into the world, from D.C. to Boston. There’s no reproducing the original, but we’re happy they’re going to try. 


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