Deal: Kamado Joe’s Most Popular Grill Has Never Been Cheaper

For one day only the blaze red Classic II is under $840

Kamado Joe Classic II grill
The Kamado Joe Classic II grill is at its lowest price ever on Amazon.

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Let’s look at the positive side about spending more time at home: Your winter grill game will get stronger (or it’ll become a thing you do).

Either way, you need an ideal grill. We suggest the Kamado Joe Classic II, a well-loved and colorful charcoal grill that’s at its lowest price ever on Amazon for today only.

Kamado Joe Classic II grill on sale at Amazon

The egg-shaped Kamado Joe is an 18-inch ceramic grill that holds heat like nothing else. The multi-level design means you can cook different foods at different times, while the dome is lightweight enough to lift with a single finger. The wheeled grill is also easy to move around and lock into place.

Currently holding a high 4.6/5 rating from Amazon customers, the Classic II rarely goes below $1,000 and hasn’t been below $900 since December of 2018. Now, it’s 24% off and just under $840 for one day only.


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