Cloud Wine

By The Editors
October 11, 2013 9:00 am

Like everything else in life, wine’s not about knowing everything.

It’s about knowing the right thing.

And where to get it.

Here are your know-it-alls: I Know the Winemaker, giving you access to formerly verboten wines, available now.

A collab between a well-connected Cali-based vinter and the guy behind VIP eating club I Know the Chef, Winemaker delivers seemingly impossible-to-procure vinos from California.

These are wines not available in stores. Wines reserved for auctions. Wines on vineyard wait lists for up to eight years.

All now available to you within days.

Each month, the site picks four or five rare vintages, each featuring a breezy bio, tasting notes (“A complex layer of cassis and dark cherry fruit”) and, to impress, the estimated wait-list time you’ll be skipping.

Prices vary, with $30-$300 the norm. Membership is free. A monthly curated wine club is also available.

Currently IKTW can ship wines to California and New York, with other states soon to follow — as soon as their byzantine liquor requirements are met.  

But what those wine drinkers don’t know ain’t gonna hurt ’em.


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