It’s a Hamburger. It’s a Hot Dog. It’s America on a Bun.

The hamdog is here, and it's beautiful

By The Editors
September 20, 2016 9:00 am

What do you get when you smash a hamburger and a hot dog together?

No, not heartburn. Well, probably heartburn. But only because you just finished devouring a Hamdog.

You can thank Mark Murray. The Australian man has successfully patented, and started selling (in Australia) what he’s dubbed the Hamdog: a hamburger-hot dog bread bun designed to make your meat-on-meat dreams come true.

And we’re not gushing for superlative’s sake. This thing actually looks really good. Sure, it may just be a sesame seed bun with wings, but stop and think about that for a second. Yeah, that man done good:

#HamDog Haaaaaaaaaaamdaaaaaaaaaaawg!!!

A photo posted by Peazy (@slapfunk) on

After receiving a U.S. patent for his idea in in 2009, Murray first pitched the Hamdog on Shark Tank Australia in 2015. The judges were not impressed. Note to anyone out there pitching new frankenfoods to the market: maybe don’t call it “a party in your mouth.”

A year later, Murray’s got the Hamdog up and running at markets and fairs in Australia, preparing the Hamdog like so: burger’s split in half to make room for the dog, then topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, cheese mustard, tomato sauce and mayo.

Best part? Dude’s looking to franchise. As first reported, for $10,000, you can become a Hamdog reseller with your own Hamdog marquee.

Guess who’ll be the first guy in line?


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