Francis Ford Coppola Wants to Sell You Weed in a Wine Bottle

Who said septuagenarians weren't chill?

November 6, 2018 9:00 am

It took nearly 30 years, but The Godfather III is now watchable, people. 

How so? With an assist from Francis Ford Coppola’s own “Growers Series,” a new cannabis line with three unique strands — indica, sativa and hybrid — grown across various farms and ranches in California wine country.

The legendary director has helmed a prosperous Napa winery for years, but this is his first foray into cannabis terroir. He’s in good hands, though, launching Growers in cahoots with Chill, a cannabis delivery system servicing Northern California. And he’s growing each strain with the help of the Humboldt Brothers, the “Farm to Flower” siblings pioneering the state’s sungrown, pesticide-free weed supply. 

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As part of the series’ gimmick, the buds come in wine bottles, which we find a tad hokey. But interested customers can also expect a glass pipe, a matchbox and rolling papers from their set — all nice touches. 

For more information on the drop (it’s retailing soon for $99), sign up with Chill here


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