New York Chef Launches ‘Joint Venture,’ the Anti-Restaurant

April 9, 2017 5:00 am

Everybody who’s anybody knows that the incubator for all things cool is Brooklyn. And according to GQ, that’s been proven true once again by up-and-coming chef, Danny Newberg, who recently launched what can only be defined as the anti-restaurant: Joint Venture.

Newberg, whose food credits include acclaimed New York City spots like Momofoku Ko and Estela, has partnered with a local restaurateur to launch a traveling food company, which does custom, non-brick-and-mortar events centered around art and food. One recent event, which featured inventive dishes like yellowfin flounder ceviche ($10), whole steamed black bass ($25), and carrot pudding ($10) donated all its proceeds to the ACLU. An upcoming event will take place at a mountaintop estate and music studio where David Bowie recorded, and includes a tour of the grounds, drinks and snacks, dinner, and an overnight stay for $350/person.

In short, it’s as much about the experience as it is the food. As GQ puts it: “His events only draw the people who get it, the Brooklyn creatives who think weddings should probably involve lamb barbacoa, or that parties are only parties if they have a piñata filled with dried squid.”

So “get it” before it’s gone. For more on Newberg’s Joint Venture, watch the video below.






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