Finally, Someone Combined Beer and Donuts

Donut, meet suds. Suds, donut.

By The Editors
September 3, 2015 9:00 am

Mmm, donuts.

Mmm, beer.

And never the mmms shall meet.

Except…they have.

In a glorious collab seemingly distilled from the mind of Homer Simpson, two Rhode Island favorites — Narragansett beer and Allie’s Donuts — have just released their first joint concoction: Allie’s Double Chocolate Porter.

Yes, a donut beer.

The new brew combines the rich cocoa of Allie’s double chocolate donuts with Narragansett’s signature porter. You like chocolate porters? Here you go.

(Yes, other people have done it. But the Voodoo Doughnut/Rogue collabs like Lemon Chiffon Crueller Ale and Bacon Maple Ale seem…a bit less inspired.)

According to the brewers, this “mash-up” is brewed with chocolate malt, dark crystal malt and cocoa nibs then finished with subtle hints of vanilla. It retails for a reasonable $8.49-$9.49 per six pack and packs a solid 5.5% ABV. Won’t find that in a cronut.

The donut beer is just another in the line of local/unusual collaboration from the brewer — they’ve previously worked with local coffee companies and crafted limited-edition skate decks with a local skateboard company called Tasty.

Unfortunately, availability is restricted to the East Coast, Tennessee and Portland, Oregon. And for now, it’s a limited run for this season only. So drink up.

To quote Homer: “Beer. Now there’s a temporary solution.”


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