America’s Favorite Sandwich Is …

French’s Mustard commissioned a survey in honor of National Sandwich Day on November 3rd

A cheesesteak sub photographed in Arlington
A cheesesteak sub photographed in Arlington, Virginia, in 2020. T
om McCorkle for The Washington Post via Getty

A survey of 2,000 Americans conducted by French’s Mustard in celebration of National Sandwich Day, which is today, found a sandwich that’s synonymous with the city where the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 is the most popular one in the U.S. in 2021.

Followed by the hamburger (which is debatably not a sandwich), barbecue pulled-pork sandwich, Italian and Reuben, the cheesesteak is the most popular sandwich in America, per French’s poll.

“Sandwiches are all about customizing between two or more pieces of bread — from meat and vegetables, to cheeses, condiments, and other sauces,” says McCormick condiments and sauces VP of Marketing Nikki French. “Given that train of thought, we think that hamburgers absolutely count as a sandwich.”

While we’re a bit skeptical about the Philly special really being the go-to sandwich for most of America as well as the burger’s mere inclusion on the top-five list, the study’s findings that four out of five Americans take the quality of their sandwiches seriously seems legit, as does the conclusion that 43 percent of serious sandy eaters said they believe the perfect ratio includes much more meat than cheese.

Chew on these stats in honor of National Sandwich Day
Chew on these stats in honor of National Sandwich Day
French’s Mustard

“There is no more perfect lunch or dinner than a satisfying sandwich,” said McCormick chief marketing excellence officer Jill Pratt. “Our main goal is to get mustard on more sandwiches, so it was affirming to see how seriously Americans feel about them.”

Unfortunately for French’s, yellow mustard doesn’t typically go on the Big Cheese of the American sandwich world. “We would love to see mustard on every sandwich,” French says. “While many sandwiches are completely customizable, mustard is not traditionally used to top a cheesesteak.”

However, that’s really not all that much of a problem, as 66 percent of the respondents who were surveyed said they will put between three and six (or more) different condiments on their sandwiches at once. And apparently the most popular one is Whiz.


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