Deal: Here’s How to Get Butter Pat’s World-Class Cast Iron at 50% Off

There's a rare Factory Sale coming up. Don't miss out.

A stack of cast iron skillets from Butter Pat Industries. Dennis Powell's cast iron pans will be 50% off during a Factory Sale on Friday, August 20, 2021.
Want half-off a Butter Pat cast-iron skillet? Here's how to score one.
Butter Pat Industries

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Earlier this summer when we told the story of Butter Pat Industries, we talked to Dennis Powell, the founder of the world-class cast iron company, about how he spent $100,000 of his own money in an attempt to recreate the manufacturing process of pans that were made a century ago. Long story short: He did it, but it’s a labor-intensive process that ends in a more expensive product than others on the market and can sometimes lead to long wait times for buyers. 

His answer for people who don’t like how they do things? “We really don’t give a damn.” 

However, coming up this Friday, August 20, not only do you have a chance to get your Butter Pat skillet faster than normal, you have the rare chance to get one at 50% off — in other words, an obsessively designed pan at the price of those that cut corners. 

That’s because Butter Pat is throwing a Factory Sale where their cast-iron skillets with “minor cooking surface irregularities,” according an Instagram post, will be sold off at half the price. The company hand-casts the pans rather than churning them out through an automated process, so there is always the potential for slight blemishes that don’t meet their high standards (Powell told me about the few times an employee accidentally pressed her finger into the mold before casting, leaving a print). Apparently, these slightly inconsistent models are normally sold to restaurants, and if restaurants can work with them, so can you.

Here’s how to get in on the sale: First, you must sign up through this link, which is also available through Butter Pat’s Instagram. Then at 9am EDT on Friday you’ll get an email with a link to the sale. And once that clock starts ticking, you can bet these half-price pans will go fast. 

Not sure if Butter Pat’s cast iron is right for you? You can read our full review here.


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