21 Spring Beers Every Man Should Drink

It’s the best season for brew. No joke.

By The Editors
March 26, 2015 9:00 am

Spring is not traditionally known as beer season.

Winter you’ve got your spiced ales. Summer you’ve got your saisons. Fall you’ve got your pumpkin everything.

But whither the suds of spring?

The hell’s a man supposed to drink?

That’s why we made this: The 21 Beers Every Man Should Drink This Spring.

And also why we sought out Randy Mosher, encyclopedic beer guru, proud Chicago resident and co-author of the brand new Beer for All Seasons.

The short version: you should pour back a bock before summer.

“There’s a complex mythology behind bocks and the [spring] season,” says Mosher. “The word itself is cognate with ‘buck,’ or a male deer. An ancient symbol of fertility. They kick. The beer is strong.”

So open up our guide and grab a brew.

Hopefully something with a little kick.


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