A Test of Grills

December 12, 2012 9:00 am
A Test of Grills

A glass of wine and a little romance — that will make many a woman happy.

For many a man, it’s BBQ. And never the twain shall meet. 

And yet they shall, thanks to Alisal’s couples-friendly BBQ Bootcamp, now taking reservations.

Yes, this is four days of blissful grilling north of Santa Barbara.

Your grill sergeants: exec chef Pascal Gode (lauded French chef turned Santa Maria-style BBQ maestro) and Frank Ostini, owner of the Hitching Post II  — sound familiar? It was where Paul Giamatti fecklessly wooed Virgina Madsen in the movie “Sideways” (and Thomas Haden Church took a helmet to the punim). 

This is not your Texas sauce-drenched ‘cue.

Here, you’ll learn how to grill beef tri-tip over coals with a hand-cranked ironwork wood grill, use gourmet seasoning, and cook the sides — traditionally, that’s pinquito beans, fresh salsa, and grilled French bread dipped in sweet melted butter.

While learning, you’ll also be drinking wine. Lots and lots of wine, all sourced from the area’s 60 nearby vineyards.

When you’re not wooing your grill woman, you’ll spend your afternoons golfing on two picturesque 18-hole courses, fishing at a mile-long, spring-fed lake, or hitting up the spa for a couples massage. At night, you’ll be eating and meeting with local top chefs and winemakers and enjoying their wares.

And perhaps sharing a few tips.


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