25 Weird, Useful and Sometimes Sexy Advent Calendars for 2018

Of course there’s a sex toy Advent calendar (two, actually)

November 28, 2018 9:00 am

In this era of product disruption, it only makes sense that the once tame, sweets-stocked advent calendar has been co-opted by creative daredevils everywhere.

While there is some dispute over the actual length of time these calendars should endure — some say 12 days, others 24, and more recently, 25 has been the trend — there is no disputing that the treats they conceal are becoming more niche than ever. So while some of you might be content with chocolate, ornaments or little manger-inspired figurines, we think others may find something a little more befitting their personality: be it booze, grooming products or, yes, sex toys.

There’s something in here for everyone.

1. For Frisky Types: Lovehoney Best Sex of Your Life Couple’s Sex Toy Advent Calendar | $320

2. For Friskier Types: Ella Paradis Sensual Adult Advent Calendar | $150

3. For Heat Enthusiasts: The 25 Hot Sauces of Christmas | $75

4. For Java Lovers: Yawn Coffee Co. Advent Calendar | $30

5. For Aspiring Architects: Lego City Advent Calendar | $30

6. For People With Large Vanities: ASOS Grooming Advent Calendar | $48

7. For Your Friend Who “Doesn’t Drink Coffee Anymore”: Fortnum & Mason Tea Christmas Tea Lover’s Advent Calender | $60

8. For Basic B*tches: The Drink Shop Bubbly Advent Calendar | $160

9. For Smelly Boys: Atelier Cologne Discovery Advent Calendar | $60

10. For Manly Men: Technic Man Stuff 12 Day Festive Countdown Advent Calendar | $14

11. For Winos: Vinebox 12 Nights Of Wine | $129

12. For Red-Blooded Whiskey Swillers: Jack Daniel’s Festive Whiskey Calendar | $60

13. For Tequila Sippers: The Tequila Advent Calendar | $191

14. For Your Friend Who Lives in Colorado: Coast 2 Coast Medicinals Cannabis Advent Calendar | $250

15. For Masochistic Foodies: Sous Chef Big Chili Advent Calendar | $38

16. For People Whose Dryers Eats Socks: Sock Box Sock Lover’s Advent Calendar | $229

17. For Shaving Skeptics: Beard Oil Advent Calendar | $38

18. For Your Dentist: Dylan’s Candy Bar Advent Calendar | $15

19. For Nudists: Mr. Bingo Scratch-Off Advent Calendar | $64

20. For Scotch Lovers: Drinks By The Dram Whisky Advent Calendar | $191

21. For Well-Groomed Fellows: MR PORTER 12 Days of Grooming Advent Calendar | $190

22. For Good Boys and Girls: Personalised Dog Treat Advent Calendar | $57

23. For People Who Only Drink Craft: Beer Advent Calendar | $90

24. For Intrepid Drinkers: Heritage Distilling Spirits Advent Calendar | $60

25. For Snackers: Snaffling Pig Pork Crackling Advent Calendar | $22

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