21 Presidential Candidates Name Their Favorite Comfort Food

Asking the important questions the debates overlooked

Kamala Harris' comfort food
Some of the Democratic candidates had more relatable comfort food responses than others. (Getty)
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Presidential campaigns take candidates to every corner of America for months on end, meaning they’re likely away from their homes, family and friends for far an inordinate amount of time.

One thing that can make a person feel at home in that situation? Food.

That’s why the New York Times got the details on the favorite comfort foods of 21 Democratic presidential candidates. Some were surprising, some were bizarre and — because we’re talking about politicians here — a lot of their answers were straight outta Dullsville.


Take author and spiritual guru Marianne Williamson: “I have no comfort food.” Or Entrepreneur Andrew Yang: “Kind bars are my comfort food.” Kind bars. The ones stocked in your office kitchen right now.

Former Maryland Congressman John Delaney wasn’t much better, confessing that he likes to reach for a “grilled chicken sandwich from McDonald’s, no sauce,” before guiltily adding, “two of them.”

California State Senator Kamala Harris saved the interview with her answer. “French fries,” she said. “I love a good French fry, or a few, or many, or just the whole thing.”

And we wholeheartedly endorse New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s answer, which also might have been the most honest: “Glass of whiskey at the end of the night.”

Only one other candidate said that he would choose a beverage over a food, but not exactly in the same way. “I don’t have a food,” former HUD Secretary Julián Castro said. “I have a comfort drink, which is iced tea.”

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