This Beer Costs $20,000, and It’s Served in a Dead Squirrel

But that's not the crazy part

August 31, 2016 9:00 am

I used to think fruity beer was odd.

A beer served out of a dead squirrel that costs over half my after-tax salary? That’s a new one.

New(ish) from the Scottish brewery BrewDog, “End of History” is a limited-edition brew that claims to be “a perfect conceptual marriage between art, taxidermy and craft brewing.”

It’s served in a squirrel. (A dead one.)

A Belgian-style ale brewed with nettles and juniper, EOH was originally released in 2010 in Scotland. Only 12 bottles were ever made.

Today, it was announced that a revived History will be the first beer brewed at the new BrewDog plant in Ohio — a state that just lifted legislation that made it illegal to brew beer over 12% ABV.

As the BrewDog’s web post notes, “The bottles are at once beautiful and disturbing – they disrupt conventions and break taboos, just like the beer they hold within them.” And that’s because the bottles are encased in a taxidermied rodent.

But after a few sips of the 55% ABV brew, you probably won’t notice.

The catch? To enjoy End of History, you need to commit $20,000  to the brewery’s Equity of Punks program — basically, a way for fans of the brewery to become shareholders. Once you join, there are perks beyond equity: beer discounts, free brewery tours, an invite (+1) to an upcoming BrewDog Festival and “say in how [BrewDog] is run” via a shareholder forum. Plus, you get to name one of their fermentation tanks and land a first-run edition of something called Uncle Duke’s Scotch Whisky.

So squirrel that away.


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