Neil Patrick Harris: I Made a Wine! Drink It!

The actor debuts a rosé that comes in a puzzle-and-mystery-covered box

Wondercade x Game Box Wines Rosé

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Presented by Game Box Wines

Loyal readers of this newsletter know it is my firm belief that life should be entertaining, and spent in good company. So as our subscriber numbers soared and we expanded from a newsletter to a full-fledged Wondercade website, I wondered what I could do for my next trick that would bring people together for a damn good time. 

I asked myself, “Self, what’s more fun than game night and a bottle of wine?” And then I realized I had asked myself a trick question. But even I cannot outsmart myself, and so I arrived at precisely the right answer: The only thing better than game night and a bottle of wine is game night on a bottle of wine. Or, to be even more precise (so I guess I can outsmart myself), game night on a box of wine that’s actually the equivalent of four bottles. 

And now, after a lot of work with some of my favorite winemakers, vintners and designers, I’m beyond proud to introduce Wondercade x Game Box Rosé Wine! This truly magical wine is infused with some of my favorite flavors and aromas, and comes in a box (Game BOX Wines, get it?) covered with art, puzzles, riddles, stories, brain teasers and even expert-level Easter eggs from the world of Wondercade — all conceptualized by yours truly, and meant to be enjoyed amongst friends.

Come for the notes of fresh flowers, delicious cherries, zesty citrus and juicy melon. Stay for the exceptionally convenient, exquisitely designed, hilariously fun packaging that instantly tells your party, “It’s gonna be a great night.” It’s the next best thing to having me personally show up and announce that myself, but for a fraction of my standard appearance fee. I’m practically giving away my magical charm over here! 

The best part is? This otherworldly rosé is ready to buy. Right now. Right here. I want you to be among the first people in the world to get your hands on it. So click on that link to get your hands on one of these beautiful boxes. Cheers.


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