Lodge and in Charge

January 2, 2014 9:00 am

We’re all making a lot of resolutions right now. We’ll eat healthier. We’ll work-out more. We’ll stop pretending we like kale.

But lets add something that’s more than a hope. Something achievable — like attending more dinner parties.

Here’s a new one for you, and it’s underground: The Lodge Dinners, a dinner soirée now setting tables for their third event on January 19th.

Set on the grounds of a 1952 ranch-style house in Venice, these intimate, 30-person gatherings feature rotating chefs (the last two included chefs from Tasting Kitchen and Capital Grill).

You’ll be greeted with a glass of bubbly to lubricate your mingling. Then it’s off to the lantern-lit backyard, where the long table stands adjacent to an old oak strung in Christmas lights.

Two Mélisse chefs will be hand-pulling pasta and roasting meats at the upcoming event, the Lodge’s most molecular yet. The five-course menu is still in vitro, but we caught word of a BLT soup and a succulent steak and eggs.

And each dish is paired with wine by a Mélisse sommelier. Drink up — wine is good for your health.

So buy a ticket today.

Your resolution depends on it.


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