All the Best Chicago Hot Dog Merch

From the Vienna Beef beach towel to hot dog lapel pins

May 23, 2023 7:00 am
plate of hot dogs
Vienna Beef is bringing a new level of style to you Chicagoans.
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Vienna Beef — yes, the Chicago-based purveyor of hot dogs, operating since 1893 — is currently collaborating with some of Chicago’s best poster artists and actually cool brands (Awful, UNRL). WTF? Hot dogs, for one reason or another, a food synonymous with Chicago, have evolved into an icon synonymous with Chicago. It’s somehow possible to wear hot dog-related, Chicago-centric merch every day without raising an eyebrow. So: here’s what to wear. And what to put on your wall, what to bring to the beach and what to assemble as paper art. All hot dog-related. (No ketchup, of course.)

Hot Dog Origami

New City, the monthly print magazine that’s been going for 34 years, recently released a hot dog-focused issue. What sets this apart from most every other regional publication shining a light on Chicago’s most famous food is how the cover doubles as a piece of art. It features a Chicago-style hot dog, with a two-page paper model of a Chicago-style hot dog. 

Hot Dog Prints

There’s no shortage of fantastic Chicago hot dog art. We’re going with this one by Left Handed Wave at All Star Press Chicago because it’s screen printed, so it looks a bit better than anything digital. If you do not care about the difference in printing styles, and most people don’t, it’s hard to beat Joe Mills’ Chicago Hot Dog Stands print or anything in the Vienna Beef Print Series

chicago onesie
Chicago Dogs

The Chicago Dogs Minor League Onesie

The White Sox are not good. The Cubs can’t decide if they’re good. Thank god for minor league baseball. The Dogs are part of the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball and play at Rosemont’s Impact Field — the stadium you can see from the Blue Line near the Rosemont stop, and on 294 whenever you’re going to O’Hare. There’s no shortage of fantastic Dogs merch, but the best stuff is for the babies. Get a onesie for your expecting friends because babies already look like hot dogs and it’s cute.  

vienna beef hot dog towel
Vienna Beef

Vienna Beef Beach Towel 

Is your body beach-ready? Yes, it is. Regardless of whatever the scale says, the Vintage Vienna Beef Sign Beach Towel will look good draped around your midsection. You can also use it as a really big napkin. 

Hot Dog Lapel Pin

If you need to class up your wardrobe and don’t want to look foolish with a hot dog tie, consider the Chicago Mustard Hot Dog Pin from the MCA Store. Once I was wearing a Cubs enamel pin on my suit lapel and someone thought I worked for the ballclub and I did not correct them. Maybe wear this pin and people will think you own all the hot dogs? 

tote bag with hot dogs

Portillo’s Hot Dog Tote

This bag is great because you can put a hot dog in it, and it’s a great explainer for everyone who does not know what a Chicago-style hot dog involves. Just look at the bag. All of the ingredients are on the bag. 

Superdawg WhooperWinter Hat 

Celebrate Chicago’s-best looking hot dog stand, which celebrates 75 years(!) in 2023, with a WhooperWinter Hat featuring both Maurie and Flaurie (the giant hot dogs on top of the stand) embroidered on the front.

socks designed like hot dogs
Transit Tees

Chicago-Style Hot Dog Socks

While I prefer hot dogs in my mouth, you may prefer them in your shoes. Transit Tees offers socks that’ll remind you that just because you can put anything on socks, doesn’t mean you should. 

Hot Dog + Chicago Flag T-Shirt

Does a hot dog on a shirt not scream Chicago enough? How about a Chicago flag but the stars are hot dogs and above the flag is the name of a hot dog joint?

No Ketchup T-Shirt

Do you want — nay, need to remind everyone ketchup doesn’t belong on a Chicago dog? The Original Jimmy’s Red Hot shirt will remind you. No ketchup. Never ever. 

pride-themed hot dog tank top
The Wieiners Circle

Hot Dog Pride

The Wieners Circle — the Lincoln Park stand with the “surly staff” (Google’s words, not ours) — serves fantastic char dogs and classic Chicago hot dogs. They also offer a Pride tank top. You can wear it year-round, not just in June. 

Chicago White Sox Chicago Style Dog New Era 59Fifty

Unfortunately, this is the highlight of the 2023 Chicago White Sox season. It’s a really good-looking highlight, but it’s barely baseball related. 

Chicago Cubs Hot Dog Plush Dog Toy 

A good dog toy is a hot dog-related toy. The best dog toy is a hot dog-related toy that also reminds you of your favorite baseball team. 


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