The Most Unhinged Interview Answers From Daniel Craig’s Bond Farewell Tour

In the lead-up to "No Time to Die," Craig doesn’t seem to care about your questions

Daniel Craig pointing a gun as James Bond in the latest 007 movie "No Time to Die"
Daniel Craig is having some fun on his James Bond press tour.
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Daniel Craig seems to have moved on from any thoughts of self-mutilation. Though he infamously said he’d rather “slash [his] wrists” than do another James Bond movie after the filming of Spectre, the 53-year-old actor obviously did a 180 for his final 007 film No Time to Die, speaking glowingly of the cast and crew and even getting choked up on set.

Or has he? In the lead-up to the U.S. release of the movie this Friday, the media outlets that managed to score an interview with Craig are releasing their stories and videos, and they almost all read like a middle finger, sometimes jokingly, sometimes not. 

Maybe Craig has answered so many questions about the Bond franchise that he’s finally run out of ammo; maybe he feels liberated on the eve of his release from the character; maybe he’s still got such a chip on his shoulder from the fallout after the aforementioned Time Out interview that he’s taking his revenge by giving the press almost nothing substantial to work with. 

For readers, however, it’s almost as fun as watching Craig fight his way through an evil lair. Here are some of the best quotes from his Bond farewell tour, some of which have been cut down for length.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Daniel Craig” by Dave Itzkoff, The New York Times

Itzkoff: Is it humbling to play these characters who are defined by being capable and resourceful and then to have a real-life experience that reminds you we’re all at the mercy of these larger forces?

Craig: Well, I don’t feel like that anyway. I feel like a normal human being most of the time. I don’t feel any connection to the characters I play. I mean at all. 

Itzkoff: How does one prepare to play Macbeth? [Craig will star in a Broadway production this spring.]

Craig: You learn the lines.

Itzkoff: You’ve previously played Iago for Sam Gold in “Othello,” you’ve done the brooding thing —

Craig: How do you know what I’m going to do? I’ll be far from brooding.

Daniel Craig answers James Bond fan questions, British GQ

Question: What would you like your portrayal of James Bond to be remembered for?

Craig: The gags. [laughs]

Question: What makes Daniel Craig’s James Bond different from his predecessors?

Craig: I play him. 

“Daniel Craig & Lashana Lynch Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions,” Wired

Question: What is Daniel Craig’s workout?

Craig: “Workout.” Yeah, I go to the gym. 

Question: What is Daniel Craig like in real life?

Craig: A big disappointment. 

Question: Was Daniel Craig in Harry Potter?

Craig: Yes! … Gryffindor. [Ed. note: He wasn’t.]

“Daniel Craig’s advice for the next James Bond,” BBC Radio 1 

Ali Plumb: What adjective would you use to describe your particular take on Bond?

Craig: What does “adjective” mean?

Plumb: “Stoic,” “icy,” “cool.”

Craig: There you go, those. Those are perfect. 

If that’s not enough for you, we’re certain you can find similar gems in just about every other No Time to Die interview out there.

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