Tom Cruise Again Criticizes Crew for Not Following COVID Protocols; 7 Quit

More trouble on the "Mission: Impossible 7" set

Tom Cruise on set
Even a guy who does his own stunts has to draw the line somewhere.
Samantha Zucchi/Insidefoto/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

Filming movies and television shows during a pandemic is no easy task, and it’s one that involves plenty of protocols and precautions. The larger the scale of a project, the more complex it becomes — which is why a number of television shows had initially-approved new seasons retroactively canceled earlier this year.

Trying to shoot an action blockbuster in the midst of a pandemic can’t be easy. It’s one of the reasons why Tom Cruise ended up in the news earlier this week, as he chewed out Mission: Impossible 7 crew members who weren’t following the appropriate safety precautions.

Now, according to The Sun, Cruise was again critical of the crew’s behavior, prompting seven of them to quit working on the film.

One source told The Sun that “Tom just can’t take any more after all the lengths they have gone to just to keep filming at all. He’s upset others aren’t taking it as seriously as him. In the end, he’s the one who carries the can.”

The report from The Sun states that Cruise’s second tirade came on Tuesday night, after news broke of his first critique of members of the crew’s behavior. While the idea of a movie star shouting at members of a film crew is rarely seen as a positive act, Cruise’s frustration seems more understandable in this case — especially given the delays the film has already experienced.

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