The “Fast Saga” Returns in New “F9” Trailer

Latest installment in the franchise reaches theaters on May 22

F9 Trailer
Universal Pictures

Earlier this week, Universal released a teaser for the trailer for the forthcoming film F9. That’s the latest installment in what’s now being referred to as The Fast Saga, which began with 2001’s The Fast and the Furious and has recently launched a spin-off franchise and an animated series on Netflix. And now, the full trailer for the film has been released — and it’s a lot.

But while the teaser left the plot of the movie a bit unclear, the trailer gives a much better sense of what to expect.

Is there talk of living life one quarter mile at a time? You know there is. Does family come into play? It wouldn’t be a Fast Saga film if it didn’t. Do cars do absolutely absurd, gravity-defying things? Based on the look of this trailer, they certainly do.

But there are also some interesting casting wrinkles here. Gone are Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham. Charlize Theron is back to antagonize our heroes, though she appears to have swapped out the contentious dreadlocks of Fate of the Furious for a look that seems more “evil Joan of Arc.” Also joining the cast? John Cena, who falls into the realm of actors it’s hard to believe haven’t been in this franchise already.

There are a few more surprises to be had in the trailer as well, which suggest some interesting directions for the franchise.

F9 opens on May 22. We suspect anyone who’s used the #JusticeForHan hashtag is absolutely thrilled right about now.

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