Ridley Scott is Producing An “Alien” Film for Hulu

Fede Álvarez will direct

Fede Alvarez
Director Fede Alvarez attends "The Girl In The Spider's Web" New York screening at Henry Luce Theater.
John Lamparski/Getty Images

Last month brought with it the news that Ridley Scott would produce a series set in the world of Blade Runner for Amazon Prime. A new month brings with it a new Scott project set in an existing cinematic universe — in this case, an Alien film to be directed by Fede Álvarez, which will make its debut on Hulu. The “Ridley Scott sequel for a streaming service” meme generator just writes itself, doesn’t it?

An article at Consequence has a handful of details about what to expect from the Alien project — notably, that Álvarez has wanted to make a film set in this universe for a while, and suggested it to Scott. This isn’t the only high-profile Alien-related project in the works, either — Noah Hawley is at work on a series that will air on FX.

Really, as long as no characters are crushed by large rolling objects that could be easily evaded by running a few feet to the right or the left, these all sound fine. (Yes, I’m still annoyed by that part in Prometheus. Yes, I know it’s been 10 years.) And the involvement of Álvarez — perhaps best-known as the director of the horror film Don’t Breathe — suggests that this could be more of an overtly horrific project than other films in the series.

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