Terry Bradshaw Announces Foray Into Whiskey

Its ABV references Bradshaw's completion rate

Bradshaw Bourbon
If you've ever wondered what Terry Bradshaw's ideal bourbon is, now you know.
Bradshaw Bourbon

Over the course of his career, Terry Bradshaw has been an outstanding quarterback. He’s been a charming presence when providing commentary and analysis on the NFL. And he’s recently announced a new venture — one that sounds decidedly tasty. Like a well-executed audible, the news that Bradshaw is entering the whiskey business might come as a surprise — but it could pay off nicely.

A report from Luke Torrance at the Pittsburgh Business Times offers the first details of Bradshaw’s brand of bourbon. Bradshaw Bourbon boasts a 51.9 ABV — and if that number looks familiar, that’s because it’s also Bradshaw’s career completion rate. As for tasting notes, according to Torrance’s article, drinkers can expect “cinnamon, baking spices, vanilla and coconut flavors.”

In a press release announcing the new venture, Bradshaw spoke rapturously about his love of bourbon. “There’s just nothing better than a fireplace, two fingers of Bourbon, a great cigar and Pavarotti playing in the background,” he said. “I’ve always appreciated a good bourbon, and now I’ll be enjoying my own!”

Bradshaw Bourbon is described as a partnership between the Hall of Fame quarterback and Silver Screen Bottling Company — the same company responsible for, among other things, the existence of Star Trek-themed bourbon.

The bourbon will be launched across the country in the coming weeks and months. For right now, 750 mL bottles of it can be purchased online for $39.99. And if you’re craving a football-centric combination of Bradshaw Bourbon and watching live football, don’t forget — the XFL season begins next week.

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