Review: Taylor Fladgate Is Reimagining Port as a Canned Cocktail

A late summer revelation, Chip Dry & Tonic is centuries of knowledge housed in a can

September 21, 2021 10:15 am
Taylor Fladgate Chip Dry & Tonic in a can, poured into a glass with mint and ice
Taylor Fladgate's first canned cocktail is a late summer winner
Taylor Fladgate

In partnership with Taylor Fladgate

What we’re drinking: Taylor Fladgate Chip Dry & Tonic 

Where it’s from: Taylor Fladgate has been crafting Port since 1692. They were first Port producers to develop a dry white aperitif port (Chip Dry) back in 1934, and now they’re the first to launch a ready-to-drink Chip Dry & Tonic, in a 250ml can. 

Why we’re drinking this: As a drink, white Port and tonic has been around since the 1970s, says Adrian Bridge, the CEO of the Fladgate Partnership. “And in the last five years, we’ve seen a big increase in interest,” he says, crediting (in part) an interest in tonic-based drinks. 

The 329-year old company also recognized some growing market trends: younger adults who may not initially embrace Port, as well as consumers who were used to the convenience of canned cocktails. So the Taylor Fladgate team set out to craft a pre-mixed, portable version of their popular local cocktail. 

There were some obstacles: within the regulations of Port, they had to bottle/can their product within a certain district, meaning they had to essentially import a canning line to their area of Portugal. And they had to get the mix itself right — so much so that they developed their own tonic water. 

“We realize people are conscious about sugar and sugar content,” says Bridge. “Commercial tonic waters are sweeter, but Port has some residual sugar — even a dry white Port.” So they developed a drier, lighter tonic.  

How It Tastes

A light, delectably sweet aperitif with beautiful citrus notes. The balance Bridge discussed is apparent here — unlike 99% of canned cocktails, this one gets the sweetness factor just right. It’s perfect for a warm summer day, where it may just replace your G&T. And it should certainly replace any wine-based seltzer you’re considering, even if you don’t naturally gravitate towards Port.

Croft Pink & Tonic in a can
Croft Pink & Tonic, which uses a rosé port as its center
Croft Pink

You might also want to check out: As part of the Fladgate Partnership, Croft Pink & Tonic is a similar new canned cocktail release. Arriving this fall, it utilizes a pink/rosé port — like the Chip Dry, there’s a gentle and natural sweetness here buoyed with a fruity (grapefruit/cherry) and fizzy kick.  

Where to buy it: Go here or follow Taylor Fladgate on Instagram for more information on where to buy the Chip Dry & Tonic; the Pink & Tonic will be out later this fall.


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