Slow-Smoked Venison Whiskey Is a Thing, Thanks to New Hampshire’s Tamworth Distilling

Just in time for the holidays?

Deerslayer Whiskey
Tamworth is debuting a venison whiskey later this month.
Tamworth Distilling

A few years back, Tamworth Distilling launched a beaver sac spirit — a two-year bourbon with a bit of (FDA-approved) castoerum for “natural flavoring.”

We tried some, and our (generous) review noted that, “It’s not gonna replace your Knob Creek, but you’ll certainly have a drinking story to share.” (Plus, it certainly has to be better than their Beet Root vodka … yeah, not a beets fan.)

Well, here’s another story: The New Hampshire distillery will soon offer The Deerslayer, a venison-flavored whiskey.

As the distillery notes: “The Deerslayer is a whiskey flavored with the flora and fauna of New Hampshire in autumn — in particular, venison. We chose a 3-year old white wheat whiskey for its lighter body, and distilled it with slow-smoked red deer venison and seasonal ingredients like porcini mushrooms, cranberries, juniper berries, and green peppercorns. Savory and smoky notes characterize this one-of-a-kind spirit, with a subtle spice on the palate and a lingering finish.”

The distillery is also unveiling a Corpse Flower Durian Brandy; according to The Drinks Business, this one features “indole, an organic compound which can smell floral or putrid depending on the concentration, and durian, an edible fruit known for its pungent aroma.” (Note: The distillery also offers plenty of applejack, apple brandy and rye that seems pretty straight-forward.)

In a statement also shared with The Drinks Business, head distiller Steven Grasse explains, “The gaminess of the venison lends itself as a savory compliment to the sweetness of the wheat whiskey creating a truly creative carnivorous concoction, while the juxtaposition of death and decay to delicate and floral notes of the brandy, is purely divine.”

You can reserve your $65 bottle of venison whiskey here.


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