Scientists Studied Long COVID’s Effect on Hangovers

Spoiler: those effects are not good

Hangover cure
Science has revealed another downside to long COVID.
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One of the more pernicious aspects of life since the pandemic began is the rise of long COVID. While many people who’ve had COVID recover with no ill effects, a smaller group has had to contend with ongoing symptoms that can be debilitating and keep people from countless everyday actions that were never problematic before infection. And while it’s far from the worst consequence of long COVID, a group of scientists have explored another looming question over the proceedings — namely, what effect does it have on alcohol and hangovers?

The answer, it will not surprise you, isn’t great.

The study, published in the journal Cureus, shows evidence that long COVID can increase sensitivity to alcohol and can make existing symptoms of long COVID worse. The study’s authors write that the participants in the study “share a new-onset sensitivity to alcohol post-COVID-19 infection, triggering unprecedented symptoms at similar or lower alcohol consumption levels.”

Some of the participants in the study experienced “individual symptoms like headaches or a delayed emergence of symptoms resembling a typical ‘hangover,’ while others experienced a general worsening of their [long COVID] symptoms.”

As Pete O’Connell points out in an article for VinePair, one of the study’s participants found themselves unable to consume even small amounts of alcohol without distress after getting long COVID.

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In their conclusion, the study’s authors call for more research on the subject, especially with a larger group of participants. Still, even with the relatively concise group covered here, it’s an unnerving series of results — and one more reason to look for a way to alleviate long COVID in those affected by it.

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